We Can Reverse Light Pollution

By Chris Clark and Betsy York [from the Commercial Record, April 28, 2022] For the past six weeks, you have been reading about light pollution and all of its negative consequences. Well, the problem is spreading twice as fast as the population is growing; it now affects 83% of our planet! The situation may seem hopeless,…Read more We Can Reverse Light Pollution

Visually Disturbing the Peace

By Chris Clark, Brad Hopkins, and Betsy York (Appeared in the Commercial Record on March 24, 2022) Most places have laws that protect citizens from disturbingly loud noise. If you have politely asked your neighbor to keep the noise down but their pool party is still keeping you awake at two o’clock in the morning,…Read more Visually Disturbing the Peace

Please Join Us for our Beach Cleanup, Sept 18, 9am to 12pm, Oval Beach

Please join the Creation Justice Team, working in partnership with the Alliance of the Great Lakes, on Saturday, September 18, for the Beach Clean-Up of Oval Beach to Douglas Beach. Spread the word! Bring family and friends! We’ll gather at Oval Beach’s parking lot, working from 9am to 12pm. If you can help, please sign up…Read more Please Join Us for our Beach Cleanup, Sept 18, 9am to 12pm, Oval Beach

Three Sisters Recipes

Last fall, the Creation Justice Team sponsored a community reading of Robin Wall Kimmerer’s Braiding Sweetgrass. Readers enjoyed the book’s description of “The Three Sisters,” an indigenous practice where corn, beans and squash are grown in the same space. The corn stalks create a structure for the beans to climb, the beans provide the soil…Read more Three Sisters Recipes


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