Save Your Energy

“Save Your Energy — Plug the Leaks in Your Home” is the title of our next education potluck at 6pm, February 9 (with February 16 a possible ice-delay date, to protect our speaker, who comes in from Grand Rapids.)

The potluck begins at 6pm, the presentation at 7:15pm. Please watch for potluck sign-up sheets in the Friendship Hall soon!

And of course, if you have friends/family interested in this topic? Bring them along!

You can help us help the speaker speak to the Energy questions that bother you most if you use the Contact link to send us your vexing energy-saving-at-home questions.

Chuck is a friend of the CJ Team,  a public relations and corporate communications specialist who long ago focused his career on promoting and reporting corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability in business. His clients have included the U.S. Department of Energy, Herman Miller, Whirlpool, and the Detroit Medical Center. His passion is reducing energy use, here, there, everywhere. It makes his eyes light up. If we could harness THAT, we could solve the climate crisis overnight.

You’ll love Chuck as much as we do. So hit that sign-up sheet when you see it. And meantime, do ask us your pressing Home Energy questions!

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