Update for Community Read participants

Hey folks!

The DUCC Creation Justice Team met last night, and discussed our next two meetings for the Community Read, what we heard from you as we were discussing the book, and what’s ahead.

For this next section of the book, Part II, the Back Door, we’ll be learning about invasive species coming from the other direction, The Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal. We’ve been in touch with the eDNA researchers who worked on the original project, and find that at least one of them is working closely with the Nature Conservancy. Here’s more about their work in Michigan. We recommend checking out those animations watching the spread of these species as the years progress (Pro-tip: if you hit the settings key while watching a YouTube video, you can slow the progress down. Wouldn’t it be great if we could do that for the lakes?). And the link at the bottom of the page has a nice little video clip featuring some of the folks Egan interviewed for the book.

And here is a little update on the progress of eDNA use to detect species where they are hard to see and find. Progress! Yay, science!

We discuss Part II at 6:30pm on October 23. And we’ll make better use of the space to make chatting a bit less noisy!

For this next section, fair warning, there isn’t much reprieve in our new awareness, but there is hope. Because there is always hope. Anywhere there is action, there is hope, right?

With this email we are drawing you to our website where we post about the events and programs offered by our little team. If you look at the links on the right-hand side of the page, you’ll find lots and lots of groups whose work you can explore.

Scroll waaaay down to find the groups with special focus on water. For our last evening together, on November 13, we will be talking about these groups and the kinds of action you can take and encourage your friends and neighbors to take on behalf of the Great Lakes.

As long as we are doing something, we aren’t doing nothing. Or something.

Namaste, friends. Looking forward to our next meeting!

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