And now for something completely different!

Here we are in The Future, part III of Dan Egan’s Death and Life of the Great Lakes. For this gathering, we will open the doors to the whole community, to make room for guest speakers and representation from local water action groups. Please feel free to bring along your friends and family members who love and care for the Great Lakes.

First up, we will catch up with the latest research findings with our speaker, Steve Pothoven, biologist with NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab field station for more than 20 years. Steve has worked on all the Great Lakes as well as east coast estuaries, and he will catch us up with the science of invasive species discovery.

We will also learn more about local water protecting organizations, and meet one or two or three (still waiting on confirmation) representatives of these organizations, who will be happy to share with you ways you can support their work, get involved with local activities to help promote and protect the Great Lakes.

And of course we will discuss Dan Egan’s text, Part III, The Future. We want to hear how this section sat with our Great Lakes Czars and Czarinas.

Looking forward to gathering again with a fascinating, informative, and action-oriented session.

Thank you all, from the depths of our hearts, for joining us in this adventure, held in memory of our friend and former State Senator, Patty Birkholz. Patty is smiling.

Doors open at 6:30. Talk begins at 7. DUCC Friendship Hall, 56 Wall Street, Douglas, MI

Psst! You may wish to bring along a notebook and pen!

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