Thank you, Community Readers!

What a night! What a conversation! Here is hoping this conversation, once started, never ends.

Many people to thank. Of course, our speaker Steve Pothoven, from NOAA’s Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab in Muskegon. Here are his Invasive talk slides for your further study. Brittany Goode spoke on behalf of the Alliance for the Great Lakes, where you can involve yourself and your friends in many efforts to care for our Lakes and watershed. Tori Harris from the Allegan Conservation District, invited us to act locally to protect the lands and waters we live aboard every day. And then all the help provided by local Water protectors to find our way to acting with the seven generations ahead of us in mind. You will find our list of local land and water and climate protectors running along the right-hand side of our blog. We are constantly working to keep it updated, so please, when you see we have missed an organization, let us know, and we will add it.

We talked about a couple of books you may wish to explore. There is the newly released update of Peter Annin’s The Great Lakes Water Wars, a book highly acclaimed for its reporting. And for a completely different point of view of the world and our place in it, Robin Wall Kimmerer’s Braiding Sweetgrass. Professor Kimmerer is a Botanist, a poet, and a descendant of the Potowatomie people from the Great Lakes region.

And we ended on an important note. The DUCC and its creation justice team is here for our community. If you wish to see us address another topic or dive more fully into a piece of this one, please write to us at Tell us what you are thinking. To stay informed about what we are up to and when, be sure to subscribe to our notices here. We always announce our programs well in advance. They include education events, film screenings, local road and waterway cleanup actions, sharing harvests, recycling events, green gardening events, green energy awareness, and services focused on environmental justice. Browse this blog to see what we’ve been up to. And that’s just what we’ve imagined so far. With your help, we can imagine so much more.

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