Let’s Talk Trash Potluck


Our first potluck in the Creation Justice Team’s education series was held the evening of November 10, 2016.

We had an amazing turnout to learn from Ken Freestone of Green Michigan, who entertained us with recycling stories, taught us how recycling works in our region, and challenged us to find interesting new ways to reduce waste (Zero-waste parties, anyone?).

It was a night necessary to all of us for so many reasons.

As if that were not enough to chew on, we had a wonderful potluck (thanks to everyone who fed us!), including Ken Freestone’s extremely popular bread. He sent along a copy of his slides for his talk, below, which includes local recycling resources, a copy of his bread recipe, below (with an offer to teach a bread making class any time, anywhere). And a link to the Youtube video where he learned the process.

Next Creation Justice potluck is coming in February. Energy savings at home. Onward!



How to make Ken’s fabulous bread